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[S1E2] The Critical Path

Dr. Annie Parvez is a coroner in the same department as Alembic and Stone. Although attracted to Stone, the recurring theme includes her grudge against him when he did not call her after a date. As a favour, Stone sets up Annie with fellow doctor Simon Dunne, labeling them as the 'Posh and Becks' of pathology. However, after they hit it off after the first date, Stone finds himself becoming increasingly jealous, a fact which Annie is clearly aware of and plays upon to her advantage. Annie deals more with the physical side of pathology, performing post mortems and collecting evidence for the labs to test. In the second series, her role within the team is expanded by using her as a criminal profiler.

[S1E2] The Critical Path

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Dr. Simon Dunne is a forensic pathologist in the same department as Annie. Simon works more in the computing side of pathology, analyzing evidence and collating it to create patterns to identify a suspect or suspects. Simon finds himself attracted to Annie, and after a little help from Stone, manages to hit it off with her after taking her on a date. Stone and Simon begin to form a bond, and Simon regularly fast-tracks evidence and results in order to aid Stone's investigations and put him in Turner's good books.

At a boutique health-and-wellness resort that promises healing and transformation, nine stressed city dwellers try to get on a path to a better way of living. Watching over them during this 10-day retreat is the resort's director, Masha, a woman on a mission to reinvigorate their tired minds and bodies. However, these nine "perfect" strangers have no idea what is about to hit them.

There are reasons that they both keep going back and after a montage the two basically give up. They bust open the vending machine at the office and have an actual conversation. This leads them down a path of empathy and understanding, where both women learn new things about one another. Blair eventually apologizes for being such a jerk all this time. They decide to work together.

Dorothy Roberts is the George A. Weiss University Professor of Law and Sociology and the Raymond Pace and Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Professor of Civil Rights at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Her path breaking work in law and public policy focuses on urgent social justice issues in policing, family regulation, science, medicine, and bioethics.

So the only path that might work is through the Bostonian Museum, a building that has been completely overtaken by the fungus. But Joel determines that the organic matter growing out of every window and crack is dry, which could mean all the infected inside are dead. So they go inside, guns and flashlights drawn, with Tess and Joel telling Ellie to keep quiet.

That year, upon being contacted by Bix Caleen of the planet Ferrix's Caleen Salyard about the sale of an Imperial N-S9 Starpath Unit under the possession of Cassian Andor, Rael traveled to the world[1] with his modified Fondor Haulcraft to meet with Andor. Andor claimed that he had stolen the Starpath unit from the Imperial Naval Base in Steergard, while Rael revealed that he had come to recruit the man, rather than to pursue the device. During their conversation, the two were ambushed by Preox-Morlana Corpos who were pursuing Andor as he had recently killed two of their number on the world Morlana One. With the help of an angered and close-knit Ferrix community, Rael and Andor worked together to defeat the Pre-Mor forces. Mounting a speeder bike, the two then covertly departed Ferrix aboard the former's ship.[7]

The two traveled to Aldhani, where Rael offered Andor a job, upon the completion of which he would pay Andor 200,000 credits: Andor was to join a group of rebels on a mission to attack the Galactic Empire's Aldhani Garrison. Rael successfully persuaded Andor that this was a chance to truly hurt the Empire, with Andor taking on the alias "Clem" for the purposes of the mission. Rael then negotiated with the Aldhani rebel leader Vel Sartha, telling her that "Clem" was critical support for the vulnerable group and that she could use him as a replaceable member. Sartha eventually relented and allowed Clem to join.[4]

When John arrives at his Reich office building, another officer, Lawrence, informs him that Erich is in critical condition, with a bullet lodged 2 inches from his heart. Another Reich officer and his aide have gone missing after crossing a bridge into Manhattan. Smith deduces that these were coordinated attacks in retaliation for the Resistance member he killed.

Dr. Nadine Gaab joins Susan Lambert to discuss dyslexia and brain development, and their affects on student learning behavior. Dr. Gaab, Associate Professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, focuses on typical and atypical learning paths from infancy to adulthood. She has a special emphasis on language and reading development and the role of the environment in shaping these paths. Dr. Gaab provides insight on early intervention for at-risk students. She clarifies early diagnosis of dyslexia versus early identification of at-risk students and explains how educators can ensure that all students experience the joy of learning to read.

The peace of the realm is set on a knife's edge when not long into Viserys's reign, his wife Aemma Arryn dies in childbirth to a stillborn son. To avoid the risk of his brother making a play for the throne, Viserys controversially goes against the very inheritance principle that crowned him king, by officially naming his daughter Rhaenyra as the new royal heir. Both the Velaryons and Hightowers subsequently scramble to compete for Viserys's favor, trying to convince him to remarry to a daughter from one of their families: either Rhaenys's daughter Laena Velaryon or Otto's precocious daughter Alicent Hightower. Moving in between these competing factions, Viserys's brother Daemon pursues his own path to power.

As part of his role in Accelerate, Matthew facilitates the community reading project, Tepper Reads, which aims to foster empathy, critical thinking, self-awareness, and community in the Tepper School student body through reading a novel together.

Archie and Veronica discuss their mutually strained friendships with Betty. Archie is back to no texting, while Veronica is back to being the shallow and toxic rich-bitch that ruins everything in her path, which is unfortunate because even though she had just met Betty, she feels they were destined to be best friends. Now, it feels like she just missed the train that was headed to the rest of her life. Archie tells the story of how he and Betty have been next-door neighbors since they were four. They've always gone to the same school, been in the same class. In the second grade, he was having trouble reading, and his teacher told his mom and dad that he should stay back a year in order to get caught up. Betty was so against them not being in the same grade that she took it upon herself to tutor Archie every single day. When he passed thanks to Betty, he kissed her and asked her to marry him, to which she responded that they were too young, but if he asked her again when they turned eighteen, she'd say yes. Veronica advises Archie to give Betty time and not to despair, as she didn't believe their story was over yet.

Jughead confronts Archie at his house over his secret relationship with Ms. Grundy. Jughead explains that he's simply trying to help and be Archie's friend even though they aren't anymore. He wonders how long they've been together. Archie tells him since the summer and that he likes her. Jughead scoffs, presuming that she's the reason for Archie's recent, strange behavior. One of the reasons, Archie says. He reveals that they were at Sweetwater River together on July 4th and heard a gunshot, possibly the same gunshot that killed Jason. Jughead urges him to go to the police, but Archie refuses to do so in order to protect Ms. Grundy. Jughead's critical of Ms. Grundy's behavior, certain that she is only concerned about protecting herself. She's messing with Archie's mind, Jughead says. Archie disagrees, asking Jughead what knowledge he could possibly have on the subject. Jughead admits to not having all the details, but he used to know Archie well. He wasn't perfect, but he always tried to do the right thing. As Jughead attempts to leave, Archie grabs him by his arm and threatens Jughead should he tells anyone about Ms. Grundy, though Jughead doesn't seem to be too concerned with Archie's empty threat. Fred comes outside and invites Jughead in, but Jughead has no intentions on staying.

Alone in a V'draysh escape pod, a man known as Craft spends his time watching Betty Boop cartoons as he drifts. He loses consciousness as his life signs reach critical levels but is suddenly caught in a tractor beam. It is from the USS Discovery.

The party continues their battle against a Swarm of Rats while being ambushed by hidden goblins. This is the first episode where Omin is declared to be the CEO of Acquisitions Incorporated.The first natural one critical failure is rolled by Binwin Bronzebottom in this encounter. The party spends a great deal of time attempting to defeat a pair of goblins (also described perhaps erroneously as kobolds). One goblin escapes the party further into the keep while the other is decapitated by Binwin shortly after he rejoins his party ascending a rope. At the end of the episode Binwin spends Healing Surges to regain his HP.

Omin smites the re-reanimated corpse and the party recuperates briefly before continuing down a corridor following the Goblin blood trail. Ahead down the corridor is an intersection that reveals a path that has a glyph inscribed upon the floor, the alternate path bears the blood trail of the Goblin. Binwin jumps ahead of the party quite literally leaping over the glyph which none in the party manage to identify. Omin identifies the Goblin's blood trail and traces it to a blank wall which he deduces must have a mechanism to open a secret door. Binwin discovers the mechanism with which to open the secret wall-door and leads the way into the next section of the keep. 041b061a72


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