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Jason Morris
Jason Morris

Little Dirty Teens

Lately, researchers are finding that our Western habits of cleanliness have gone a little too far. Antibacterial soap and antibiotics can be doing us harm, especially when overused. We need microbes to develop healthy gut bacteria. We also need exposure to common allergens, like animal fur or pollen, to avoid having those allergies later in life.

little dirty teens

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The idea of requiring students to pass tests with current passing rates of 46 percent strikes me as both cruel and capricious. Cruel because denying graduates a chance to participate in the workforce or join the military or pursue higher education is unnecessarily harsh when these students did exactly what they were told to do. Capricious because we changed the rules on these students quickly and with little forethought, and we didn't even stop to ask if their schools have what they need to help students pass these tests.

I've heard a lot of crowing from certain quarters about how great it is that Trenton is getting a new high school in 2019. Certainly, the kids deserve it... but why did it take so long when high school kids in Trenton have been attending a school that is dirty and dangerous for years?

Sepan opened the gate from the street to reveal a small courtyard inside, and a shabby couch under the tree. There is so little public green space in Iraq that this little patch of garden where his family can gather outside feels like an improbable luxury. 041b061a72


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