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Sharing the Right Way to Bet on Football Online

Nowadays, as technology advances, online football betting is gradually surpassing traditional betting methods. If you're new to football betting and unsure how to proceed, don't worry. This article will guide you on how to utilize soccer betting tips effectively and bet on football online accurately and in detail. Let's dive in!

Explaining Handicap Betting Odds

On the betting screen, the column behind the handicap odds indicates the money odds. The rate associated with each team is aligned horizontally with that team.

In the image example above:

The money odds for Germany are -0.970 (if you bet 100 points on Germany and lose, you lose 97 points; if you win, you gain 100 points).

The money odds for France are 0.920 (if you bet 100 points on France and win, you gain 92 points; if you lose, you lose 100 points).

For example, in a 0.5 handicap bet (Germany giving a half-goal advantage), if you bet 100 points on France and France draws or wins, you receive 100 x 0.920 = 92 points. Conversely, if you bet 100 points on Germany and Germany loses, you lose 100 x -0.970 = -97 points (97 points are deducted from your total points). If Germany wins, you gain 100 points.

Similarly, betting on a team with a negative money odds figure (e.g., -0.970) means you bet less to win more (bet 97 to win 100). If you bet on a team with positive odds (e.g., 0.920), you need to bet more to win less (bet 100 to win 92).

How to Bet on Football with a High Win Rate

If you want to engage in online football betting, it's essential to know intelligent ways to analyze the odds. Let's explore the key points to help you start winning more easily!


Convenience and Speed: You only need a device with internet access (Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, or Internet) to participate in football betting.

Optimal Profits: You bet directly with the bookmaker without intermediary fees.

Diverse Betting Options: Online bookmakers offer a variety of betting types, including over/under, high/low, odd/even, win/lose, throw-ins, corners, yellow/red cards, and many other forms.

Choosing a Reliable Football Betting Bookmaker

One key tip is to select a reputable bookmaker for football betting. Today, there are many options such as Soccer Tips, Dafabet, W88, Fun88, Letou, and more.

When choosing a bookmaker, ensure it meets the following criteria:

Legal Operating License: Ensure the bookmaker is legally licensed.

Payment Methods: Check the bookmaker's payment methods.

Game Rules: Familiarize yourself with the bookmaker's game rules.

Reliable Betting Tips and Easy Betting Process: Ensure the betting tips are reliable and the process is straightforward.

Truthful Information: Ensure all promotional information is truthful.

Customer Data Privacy: Your personal information should be securely protected.

3 Asian Handicap Betting Tips for Guaranteed Wins

Asian Handicap betting presents a challenge by balancing the winning chances of both teams with a goal handicap. However, it also ensures a higher chance of winning (50/50), with a draw resulting in a refund from the bookmaker. Utilizing free prediction can further optimize your betting strategy in such scenarios.

Why Asian Handicap Is a Top Priority for Bettors

Asian Handicap betting is always prioritized by bettors for several reasons. Predicting handicap odds becomes straightforward if you understand the following three secrets:

Using Mathematical Formulas Have you heard of betting formulas or football betting strategies? These are golden rules devised by top experts and used by all bookmakers to calculate standard odds before matches. Here’s a formula unveiled for applying to Asian Handicap betting:The formula used here is known as the "Balance Point Ratio Formula" with:

Q = (H - A)*100

H (Home): Average points scored by the home team at home in the current league or within the last 5 recent matches.

A (Away): Average points scored by the away team when playing away.

When Q fluctuates between (-300) to (300), consider the following:

If 0 – 100: Bet on the home team with a handicap from 0 to -1, such as half-goal or quarter-ball handicap.

If 100 – 200: Home team handicaps above 1 goal up to below 2 goals.

If 200 – 300: High handicaps above 2 goals still have a chance for significant winnings.

If less than 0: Players may opt for underdog bets. Choose the odds with the best reward, and the underdog has a high probability (up to 99%) of winning in this case.

Analyzing Handicap Odds Based on Asian Handicap (AH) Odds is crucial for predicting the winning team in a match. Bookmakers establish AH odds based on their evaluations of each team's potential to win. Significant differences in AH odds indicate substantial disparities between the teams. Utilizing premium soccer tips can offer valuable insights on how to interpret and leverage these odds effectively.Doubling the odds gap allows players to confidently choose a handicap over 1. Conversely, when odds are similar, like 1.89 and 2.20, opting for a 0 handicap (draw no bet) is safer.Avoid high-risk bets solely based on attractive rewards without a solid basis.

Choosing Underdog Bets in Equally Matched Games This is a straightforward strategy with a higher winning rate compared to other football betting methods. Betting on the underdog in evenly matched games has shown nearly double the winning rate of betting on the favorite.


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