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Download Waves Req 2 Band Vst




The idea behind Reason Audio is to reinvent the classic analog EQ. All of the sections have the same controls: input, gain, resonance, Q, and frequency response. Each band has a filter type: graphic, parametric, linear, and high pass/low pass. Parameters can be set manually or by the Auto-Filter and Auto-Vibe algorithms. Selective bandpass, notch, and bandreject filters with user-defined resonant peaks Vintage-sounding bell and shelf filters Real-time frequency analyzer Real-time harmonics display Stereo peak meters Auto-filter and Auto-Vibe algorithms Comprehensive feedback from the over 20 professional mics currently in production. The audio industry is constantly evolving, with new creative approaches and unforeseen uses for technology. Right at the forefront of these recent innovations are the microphones that can do more than just capture the sounds in a recording studio. The AXB-2 Pro provides a combination of fundamental engineering ideas that allow it to do more than any other mic currently available. Sharing its heritage with the award-winning AXB line of high-end microphones, the AXB-2 Pro has a completely new internal design that allows it to perform with unprecedented clarity and accuracy, even when recording at high-frequencies. In fact, it’s what sets this microphone apart from its predecessors; the high frequency performance of this mic is simply unprecedented. At the heart of the new mic is a new hybrid construction that combines professional internal components, with hi-fi-grade electronics. The result is a lightweight, quiet, and rugged mic that’s equally at home in a high-end recording studio or on stage. Newly designed and pre-rigged for maximum performance, this microphone is the perfect choice for professional broadcast, live, and recording applications. It’s built to withstand the most demanding environments, but is just as versatile as any other mic in its class. Stereo Mic Mounts Whether you’re a beginner or advanced mic user, Audio-Technica offers stereo mic mounts for the AXB-2 Pro to make setup and mounting a snap. The Gold-Plated Neutrik Mount is the most popular choice for pro audio applications. It’s designed to perfectly fit the 2.5mm threaded rod that is common to all Audio-Technica stereo mics. The silver



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Download Waves Req 2 Band Vst

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