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CHOICE Counseling & Consulting was established to help individuals and groups make healthy choices through counseling and education that will enable them to sustain positive relationships
with self and others.


CCC is skilled at working with individuals and organizations to unearth maladaptive patterns and negative perceptions that prevent them from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

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Welcome Home!

Counseling. Coaching. Consultation.


To foster the want, the will, and the CHOICE to gain focus, recognize patterns, and feel empowered to change and seek positive outcomes through innovative solution-focused options designed to maximize client potential.


​CHOICE Counseling & Consulting aspires to be a dynamic and engaging counseling and consulting firm that:

  • Attracts a diverse community

  • Integrates and builds on best practice and empirical evidence through the psychotherapy, coaching, and training services provided

  • Models excellence in community leadership, advocacy, and practice

Guiding Principles


Being aware of who you are, what you can contribute, and what the community at large needs


Being committed and courageous as we champion for self and others


Understanding how to utilize resources and a willingness to work with others toward a common purpose


Having a strong desire for personal growth (To advance) and an insistent urge to assist others in their maturation process


Perpetually striving to exceed the status quo

Client Talk

What They Say

I finally decided to make an appointment and that is when I met LaTacia.  Within minutes of our first meeting, every worry I had was washed away…she made me feel so much better about my decision to return to school…she actually listens and cares about the answer…never has she made me feel as though I was holding her up…she has single-handedly made all the difference in my educational journey.  She has always had my best interest at heart and made sure I had everything I needed to succeed, therefore I cannot think of anyone that embodies the term “advocate” more than Mrs. Ruff.

Amanda R.

LaTacia Ruff has been an instrumental part of a fundamental shift in our client’s emotional and mental well-being.  With tendencies of suffering great lows and destructive patterns of thinking, LaTacia has given them the tools to understand their thoughts, actions and recognize behaviors.  We’re deeply grateful to LaTacia for her sage advice and continuing support.

Behavioral Health Supervisor-Charlotte

Thank you Mrs. Ruff for all that you do.  Without you, I don’t think I could have seen myself from a different angle.  Your knowledge of the human mind is amazing and maybe a gift.  You are very good at identifying issues and getting to the root of them which was scary for me…You are very effective at your job to such an extent that I have shed tears twice!  So, thank you again for caring enough about me to put it all on the line.

Gary R.

I see you every week and each week I learn something new about myself.  My strengths and weaknesses, my failures and ambitions.  And, ultimately my victories in my recovery process. No job that helps other people be better people is to be taken for granted.  Thank you for helping me to get rid of most of the garbage so that I could re-identify with the beauty underneath.  You are truly the greatest!



Get in touch to book a consultation, or leave me a message about anything else and I’ll get back to you.


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