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A New Journey Is Beginning!

Hey guys!

I’ve thought long and hard about what I want this blog to be, how I want it to progress, and ultimately what kind of content I’d love to share. I’ve concluded that while this space will provide tips and tricks that you can use to manage your mental health better, I am also inviting you to have some Candid Conversations with me. And, I do want this to be a conversation so leave comments below!

For these conversations to build the sense of community I want, we have to get to know each other, I’ll start. My name is LaTacia (pronounced LaTasha) Ruff! Please call me Tacia. I am a wife to my college sweetheart, The Original Bae, for the last 14 years. We’ve been together for 20 years. This means that when I’m counseling couples, any insight offered comes from the combined database of all the education (master’s degree, almost a Ph.D., training, certifications, etc.) AND the good, bad, and ugly of my lived experience as a girlfriend, baby mama, and wife! This relationship has caused some of my best and most difficult moments, leading to extreme personal growth. Together, we have created three of the most beautiful, precocious, aggravatingly intelligent (you know those kids that you want to smack for being smart but, kind of laugh at them—they are probably mine, sorry), and highly gifted little humans! My oldest child, we’ll call her Miss Thang, is a freshman in college who has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a fierce side-eye. She’s a former track star, cheerleader and does own a business that is currently being rebranded. Sweet Thang, my middle child, is not quite the typical middle child but has some of those tendencies. She is a competitive gymnast who will most likely be on a future US Olympics Team. Coming up in the rear is Handsome…he is NOT a Bae because I DON’T believe in juniors. Anyway, Handsome is also athletically inclined and plays three sports: baseball (fall and spring ball—I mean whoever came up with that is NOT thinking about the parents); football; and basketball. Basically, my real job is as an unpaid Lyft driver, but I digress.

My roles also expand to include being the oldest of eight (Get used to hearing, “The Great 8”, our self-named moniker), an excellent friend, a business owner; and a superb sister-friend! I need to share that I’m originally from Chicago, Illinois, because I LOVE my city of origin but more so because it helped shape my communication style. Translation: I am direct. In the 15 years that we have lived in North Carolina, I’ve realized that it doesn’t always go over so great with the southern mentality linked to the whole “bless your heart” sentiment, which really means something a little more substantial. Personally, I do not like to waste time and try to be efficient in most things, which means I am typically not going to misspend, squander, fritter, misuse (did I mention I was an English major) words. This does not mean that I set out to hurt feelings purposely; it just means that you can always expect an honest response from me. And, you know, since I’m a therapist—I mean that in the most strength-based way possible.

Whew, right? Well, now that you know me, let me tell you what you can expect. I plan to broach topics and provide solutions (when applicable) that lead you to make an appropriate CHOICE. See what I did there? This will be done in the most authentic, compassionate, and honorable manner possible. It also means that you might not like it. And guess what, that’s okay because how you feel will not detract from the impact of what is shared and the ability for that information to help whatever circumstance needs addressing. Or, that friend people are always asking things for on their behalf. My goal is to share insightful information ensconced in humor and the spirit of “I can’t make this up.” I vow only to give you what my training, intellect, and experiences make me authority over. And dear reader, sometimes that authority may be self-given, and you can comment below to let me know how you really feel. This blog and this company should be considered a safe space where ideas are exchanged, suggestions are made, and our lives are transformed!

I sincerely look forward to working with you, learning from you, and creating opportunities to change thinking and behavior patterns that ultimately lead to you making healthier life choices. So, let’s have some Candid Conversations!



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