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Why Wait? Just Do It!

Hey Guys!

How good are you at executing on that thought that keeps recurring? If I had to grade my success for thinking about some actionable item versus actually working to accomplish it, I’d say I’m at 65 percent. That’s a failing grade! When I analyze my reasons for not moving sooner or, in some cases at all, I’ve found that it’s primarily because of fear.

Fear is the emotion triggered by a perceived threat. There are varying degrees but, fear can be so debilitating and causes a person to hold back and prevents them from reaching their true potential. This can fall under the category of fear-based decision-making, which is when your fear influences your actions. The downside to allowing fear to lead your decisions is that it prevents you from doing what you’ve indicated is essential. Has that ever happened to you? Like, have you ever had that thought pop up again, and instead of making the first step, you end up talking yourself out of it?

Let me offer some strategies to help you move beyond the fear to actualizing your potential.

1) You want to refer back to last week’s post on SMART goals, specifically, because it is important to make sure that your goals are attainable.

2) After setting the goals, you have to challenge your negative thoughts and begin to speak and believe that you will not fail! Self-talk is just an internal dialogue that you can control.

3) Next, you have to take the first step. Many times, people get so consumed with the totality of what they are attempting to accomplish that it becomes overwhelming. Stop attempting to anticipate the future. Instead of worrying about the 10,000th step, all you need to focus on is taking the first one!

I’m asking you—what are you waiting for?! Is your goal SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely)? If it’s not, change it now. If you are talking yourself out of something by speaking negatively about yourself or your abilities—stop it! Instead, start reminding yourself of all that you can and begin with what you have already accomplished.

Lastly, just do it. Simply consider what’s needed to start and do that thing. Once you’ve accomplished that, you add the next thing. Remember, you will never get to the finish line by staying at the starting point and talking about getting to the end. You cross the finish line by taking the first step and then the next. So, my friend, I’m urging you to Just Do IT!



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