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Before you buy a mailing list and mail your direct mail campaign, please double-check to see if the company rewards you for buying more addresses. Sometimes there can be big price breaks, and it might make sense to buy a larger mailing list.

buy mailing list

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Some mailing list services do charge extra for adding telemarketing numbers to your Business List. LeadsPlease, however, does not charge extra for Business Phone Numbers. For more information, or to buy mailing list with Business phone numbers, please visit our Business List page.

LeadsPlease is extremely concerned about quality. We clean and update our databases and lists as frequently as possible, and adhere to very strict Quality controls to ensure the best high-quality Lists possible.

When you buy a mailing list you must define the area you wish to target. Targeted mailing lists are proven to increase response rates. You may define your direct mailing list by state, county, city, SCF, Zip codes, radius or by drawing a custom polygon on the map.

Think targeted marketing when determining the demographic selects for your mailing list. Who are your best customers? A direct mailing list performs better when you target your prospects based on the demographics of your current customers. Our online mailing list service allows you to define your mailing list by age, income, gender, length of residence and much more.

Pricing is computed in real-time and depends on your count and selects. Geographic selects are included in the base price. All additional demographic selects are priced per record. Your list will be delivered to you in a .csv format which you can download after purchase. You also have the option to purchase pre-printed mailing labels.

Make your selections based on geography and either the type of business or the interests of the consumer...or both! No need to purchase multiple lists. Click here to download the AccuZIP Data Dictionaries

With AccuZIP, you can be assured the list you purchase is squeaky clean, as each list you build goes through a three-step address cleansing process immediately prior to downloading to ensure your list is ready to mail right after purchase!

If you are looking to buy a mailing list, you should know that you have many types of mailing list options. Here are some options you should consider: Create Your Own Mailing List Some people prefer to make their own mailing list so they can target the precise demographic in a specific geographic area. We have a consumer mailing list database with over 210 million consumers and 110 million households that you can pull data on based on dozens of metrics. And if you're interested in targeting businesses, we have a comprehensive business mailing list database of over 14 million U.S. businesses (and roughly 200,000 new businesses added monthly). Pre-Built Mailing Lists Many people like to purchase custom mailing lists targeting the specific audience they are looking to attract (e.g. new parents, new movers, new home owners, etc.) These targeted lists are great when you want to reach a specific type of consumer in a specific geographic area. Here are a few popular pre-built lists than you can customize:

Clone Mailing Lists Our clone mailing list product allows to quickly find new potential customers by simply uploading your current customer list into Experian's cloning engine. This program uses powerful customer modeling to identify prospects that closely resemble your current customers, which will help you find more targeted leads in your area.

This is a tough one... 10% is the max on bad addresses as an industry standard. Over the 10%, I do refund postage on the bad addresses here at PostcardMania, as well as the cost of the bad address records. I think you'll be hard-pressed to find mailing list companies that will do this, but you might as well ask.

Again, there will be an up-charge for this because quality companies will charge for unlimited use of a list. These compilers are constantly updating their data, and there is a cost to that activity. When a random mailing list provider says, "Sure, use it as much as you want," I'm always suspicious. WHO compiled that mailing list and when? In my experience, all the major mailing list companies charge more for unlimited usage.

Before you commit though, remember to ask the mailing list provider if they'll allow you to use the mailing list over and over again. Often times they have a one-time usage clause in their contract. If so, look elsewhere for another company...

You need to mail to your direct mail list not just once, but over and over (and over) again. If a mailing list provider only allows you to mail to it ONE time, and you have to repurchase it for additional use, it may get VERY expensive and fast.

If you're selling mortgages and work with a particular title company, they will sometimes GIVE you their list of clients with address information, loan amount, and length of loan. Sometimes even the lender is included. They, in turn, want all your loans closing with them so, in exchange, they will share the client data they have for your direct mail campaign.

Mailing list compilers/companies gather data about a business and one of the ways to sort them is by SIC code. Sure, if you want ALL businesses in a certain gross volume range, then you won't need to know the SIC code.

Don't leave it to the mailing list provider to figure all this out for you. They don't know your business the way you do. Compilers NEVER ask questions to determine if the marketing list you're ordering is what you really need to have success with your campaign. You need to understand this material so your mailing list is actually comprised of businesses likely to purchase your product or service, and not just some variance of that industry.

This is something you hear people talking about all the time in marketing, but what does it really mean? An "opt-in list" is a list that someone puts themselves on voluntarily. They may sign up for a newsletter within a certain industry and answered "yes" to wanting to receive offers or information from affiliates of that company. An affiliate would be any company they sold their list to. It was the business transaction that affiliated them.

The U.S. Postal Service has an NCOA (National Change of Address) System that a limited number of mailing list companies and marketing businesses are licensed to access. These companies are able to take the list that you have purchased, or compiled yourself, and check it against the U.S.P.S. system.

You will receive a report that will let you know if anyone on your direct mail list has moved, gone out of business, or even if the zip code that contact was in was changed by the Post Office itself. Along with the report, you will receive a new copy of your mailing list that has been cleaned and updated...

When you buy a mailing list, would you rather get your data from a 3rd party vendor or go straight to the source of data yourself? Would you rather your data be limited and 2-dimensional or enhanced 10X over with deep, actionable insights? And would you rather you have to cross-check data points and accuracy or would you rather your lists do that for you while actively marketing to new leads that your lists create for you?

By clicking Connect in your list, you pull up a number of options to help you conveniently set up Online Ads, Direct Mail, create Mail Labels, Mail Merge, and Export your list data to a File or Zapier.

By setting up triggers and automations, you can create a multi-touch, multi-channel marketing campaign that launches the second a new lead hits your list. Imagine for a second, a Pipedrive integration with PropertyRadar. You could set up a marketing automation that looks something like this:

Connecting with prospects on your mailing list is where the rubber meets the road. In order to craft compelling messaging that grabs your prospect's attention, you need to understand their wants, needs, and desires.

Mailing lists cost is on a CPM (Cost Per Thousand) basis, where the lists can range from $40 to upwards of $300 for names, addresses and email lists. Many companies have a minimum amount of records for purchase, which is typically around $250. These lists are used for both Direct Mailers and mass email sends.

Mailing lists typically include items such as first and last names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. The records are typically narrowed down by the purchaser based on demographics, location, and more. Once the records are selected, the files are typically delivered in CSV or API feed, based on the needs of the purchaser. From there these lists can be used to send out direct mailers or bulk email sends.

Yes, as long as the lists are being used for proper purposes that appeal to the US laws and regulations. List brokers will typically field out any inappropriate use for a mailing list, prior to purchasing. That way the mailing lists are only used legally and appropriately, like sending out a coupon either in the mail or via email.

From business mailing lists to consumer mailing lists, email lists and telemarketing lists, we have hundreds of data elements to choose from. Reach your audience and spread the word about your business.

Use email to effectively reach new customers. We have over 100 million business and consumer opt-in email addresses. From list selection to deployment and reporting, we handle every aspect.

If you are looking for a specialty mailing list, we have hundreds of databases that cater to specific industries and markets. Target the mortgage, insurance and real estate market or build a list based on lifestyle interests.

EMAIL LISTS: Choose from millions of business and consumer emails. Create a customized email list from our database of hundreds of occupational and demographic selection criteria. Start Email List Search 041b061a72


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