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Friends Season 1-10 And Extras 720p

Jennifer Aniston was a huge success before Friends and now that it's over, I'm more surprised than not that she even got the part. She was only 22 when she started on the show, and that was 10 years before Friends was even on air. In all of that time, she's now become one of Hollywood's biggest stars and it's because of The Friends. What she hadn't quite realised in her youth was that she'd became a household name thanks to Friends. 'I did not know anybody other than my parents,' she told the Hollywood Reporter. 'My first job was at a hamburger joint. I was 19, and they were like, "oh, she's in Malibu!" That was my first interview!' She's had a lot of success since then and it all comes thanks to Friends.

friends season 1-10 and extras 720p

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A then unknown David Schwimmer made his acting debut in the pilot episode of Friends. He then went on to play Ross and, a few years later, Ross' impulsive roommate, Ross Geller. They went on to make a whole bunch of Friends through until the show finished in 2004. He's a successful film director now and he's also just started his own production company.

Michael Patrick King, the show's creator, has gone on to become one of the most successful and beloved writers in Hollywood. He wrote a lot of the shows for Friends. As well as Friends, he wrote Dawson's Creek, Party Down and The Good Guys, amongst others. This is him in January 2004, getting interviewed for Details magazine.

Friends taught us that it's okay to be friends with people who drive you crazy, as the main cast put together a group of cringeworthy big-shots like the Boggs and the dreaded Mr. Dorf (plus a few other famous faces). Here's how we got on with ten of the most memorable and often misunderstood main characters in the history of television.


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